The United State Gran Prix — Bringing F1 to Texas

Motor racing in the United States is dominated by NASCAR, but Formula 1 is reestablishing a toehold in the country by reviving the United States Grand Prix. The race was originally called the American Grand Prize and dates back to 1908. Since then it has been run 42 times, and its home since 2012 is the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

For eight years the race was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but the high cost of staging the race led to the United States dropping off the Formula 1 calendar in 2007. Bernie Ecclestone, the President of Formula 1, said that he would

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The Monaco Gran Prix — The World’s Most Prestigious Race

The Monaco Grand Prix might very well be the most famous and most prestigious event in all of auto racing. The race is run at the Circuit de Monaco and has drawn the attention of racing fans since its inception in 1929. William Grover-Williams won the very first race and he did so driving a legendary Bugatti model. The race was originally organized through the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM). There were quite a number of auto races in Europe occurring in the pre-WWII era. The Monaco Grand

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Sergio Perez — Who is “The Mexican Wunderkind”

Sergio ‘Chico’ Prez is an up and coming driver currently racing with the McLaren-Mercedes Formula 1 team. Born in 1990, he was part of the Ferrari Driving Academy, and scored his first podium, a second place finish in Malaysia, while driving for Sauber-Ferrari in 2012. This kind of success at such a young age has led to him being referred to as “The Mexican Wunderkind”.

Although he was linked with a move to Ferrari, Prez instead opted to join McLaren-Mercedes for

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Williams FW-14 — Still the Most Advanced Formula 1 Car

Watching some of the best car races can be easy now that the Internet is so prevalent. More and more people are realizing that the Internet holds many benefits when it concerns their race car driving needs. For one, you can catch up on past races by visiting certain sites and blogs to watch videos. You will also be able to subscribe to certain blogs to keep updated on news and events that are coming up in the near future.

The best thing about using the

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The Long Duel Between Team Ferrari and Team McLaren

Team Ferrari and Team Mclaren have maintained a long rivalry throughout their Formula One careers. Both teams are the longest-running organizations in the sport and each have won a large number of championships.

Ferrari: A Legend in the Racing World

Ferrari entered Formula One racing in 1950. Ferrari is the only team to enter and compete in every Formula One championship since its inception.

Ferrari experienced a large amount of success in the early years of Formula One racing. Up until the late seventies, Ferrari continued to win championship after championship. After 1979, Ferrari did not win a

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Michael Schumacher — The Greatest Race Car Driver in the World

At one time, Michael Schumacher seemed as if he would be the Formula One champion forever. During his illustrious career, Michael Schumacher set numerous racing records, and since he is racing once again, he has the potential to add to his extensive list of records.

Michael Schumacher began his Formula One racing career in 1991 racing with the Benetton team. Fifth place was his best finish in his inaugural year.

Schumacher won his first race in Formula One in 1993 when he was victorious at the Portuguese Grand Prix. Many victories would soon follow.

1994 and 1995 were breakout years for Schumacher. He won the Formula One Championship in both racing seasons, and he won multiple events each year.

In 1996, Schumacher left Benetton and joined the Ferrari Racing Team. These were Schumacher’s most successful seasons. He was the Formula One Champion for five consecutive seasons from 2000 through 2004. He had 13 wins in 18 events in 2004.

Schumacher decided to retire after the 2006 season even though he won seven races and finished second in the Championship standings.

Schumacher remained in retirement until 2010 when he joined the Mercedes Racing Team. Since emerging from retirement, he has not shown his old form, but this time more cautiously employing to protect him. He has only one podium finish in 58 events.